Policies and Strategies Policies and Strategies

The Industry Development Strategy of the country has put in place the principles that primarily focus on the promotion of agricultural-led industrialization, exported development, and expansion of labor intensive industries.

These principles are inter-dependent and inter-linked one with another. The strategy has also set the other principles that clearly stated the pivotal contribution of the private sector, the leader ship role of the government, and the integrated and coordinated participation of the public at large in nurturing the strategy. This strategy refers to those industries which are primarily involved in the production of manufactured goods. It is also tried to include other industrial classified sectors in the document other than the manufacturing industries.

Fundamental Principles of the Strategy
  1. Considering the Private Sector as an Engine of the Industrial Development Strategy
  2. Implementing Agricultural Development Led Industrialization Principle.
  3. Implement Export-led industrialization principle since.
  4. Focusing on the expansion of labour intensive industry direction.
  5. Implementing effective domestic-foreign investment partnership method.
  6. Implementing the direction where, the government will play a leading managerial role.
  7. Implementing the principle that encourages the active participation of the public.
    • a. Government-private sector forum
    • b. Peasants and industrialists Integration
    • c. Employer- Employee Relation